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Posted: October 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

do you want to do a trip to germany?

yes? i have a little survive tip for you when you are overwhelmed with a situation.

for example:

you want to stop a german native speaker to speak to fast then you can make this sign and he stops to gabble: tata-link

West Germany’s 1954 World Cup-winning team, feted as the men who helped put a nation back on its feet after the Second World War, may have been boosted by a secret doping programme, according to a new university study.

Germany beat favourites Hungary 3-2 in the final in Switzerland – a victory that became known as the “Miracle of Berne”.

“There are several strong indications that point to the injection of [methamphetamine] Pervitin in some Germany players and not vitamin C as it was claimed,” said Erik Eggers, who led the study at Humboldt University in Berlin.

oh my god! my world is going under!

dear diary, which day is today?

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good morning my little weblog, you are currently my only interlocutor. i’m only at work or in my bed. all my bones hurts and my finger are sore. it’s a hard style project which i do. 

all staff don’t speak with me, i’m only a stupid dishwasher. so i do the working time without speaking. whatever. i want to become a millionaire. the american dream. but the problem is, i’m living in germany. whether will this work here?

and otherwise? i feel mental better like yesterday. my setback is overcome. i’m a little bit in dark mood but i thing the reason is my bad body feeling through the to much working. i feel me little like a machine or still as a roboter. 2 days and my weekend will come.

see you, partner.


after 7 days of working i’m exhausted and a little bit mental down. i hope it’s not my illness but only from the work in the last week without enough sleep.

since two dasy i speak only a few words a day. i have nothing to say. it’s not good. i most change it otherwise i fall back in a depression phase.

but my life is a adventurer to me and i’m a soldier for my life and i never will giving up.

today it’s raining. a wonderful noise. i’m sitting in my kitchen and listen the wind and the rain. the morning is still dark, it’s 5 am now here in germany.

i drink my coffee and will think about my strategy for this day how i can control my mental resources. at the best.

#2 believe

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I always prefer to believe the best of everybody, it saves so much trouble. ~kipling