where i am? fuck jogging at 1 pm!

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

good morning my dear diary,

this morning i had to think where i’m. i have worked till 1 pm last night, without a breake.

well, it’s hard my new projekt from dishwasher to a millionair. yes, i’m a dishwasher in a big hotel.

but i’m in the wrong country. this is germany not the united states. whatever, i want to try it.

what do you think? it’s possible to get millionair? i have washed millions of plates. am i now millionair? fuck.

after working end i wanted to jog home but after 2 km 2 police officers forced me for a break. ok, 1 pm, dark night, a jogger, backpack?

after 1 hour i was at home. and after 1 hour and  2 minutes i was asleep. zzzZZZ




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