good morning, dear diary, i’m a so tough man!

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

i’m a very tough man! after 5 h of sleep i’m awake again. yes, i’m so tough… that i could cry. i’m tired! fuck!. i don’t want to be hard, i want to sleep. whatever, no pain, no gain. amen.

pain for me-gain for my darling.

first blue me with coffee. afterward i do my exercises and then i jog to my working place. 

my mood is without tension this morning. i feel good. to simplify my life and to do a lot of sport was a great idea to treat my illness.

for a me it’s important to know that i be the importants person in my my life. no comparing with others and to be honeststly, to me and to all people in my life.i life my life and not the life what others want from me. a good tip too, is to smile allday. yes, you want to cry because you are stressed? smile! you want to run away because you are overwhelmed? smile! that’s my m way and it works great.

i think nothing on this world can make me unhappy exept myself.

the best cure for unhappieness is happieness! note it and pin it on your mirror!


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