i’m ill but happy!

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

{i apologize my bad english, i work on it}

one of my best friends asked me, how i can be always cheerful and how i can smile allday despite my personality disorder.

well, i answered him with only a few words: smile, breathe and go slowly!

yes, that’s all. ok, i have to give it’s a hard way till this goal but i’ve done it with many ambitition.

i have learned that i’m important and not any illness. so what can i do to be important for meself?

i had me to know new. yes. i had forgotten who i’m. my needs, my desires and so on. i have reduce all my needs to one: iwant to be happy! despite my disease.

my weapons?

  • knowing i’m the importants person in my life
  • being honestly, to others and to myself
  • i try to speech gentle and quietly
  • simplifying my life
  • cut my wasting time
  • less stuff
  • being good to other people
  • smilling allday
  • many sport exercises
  • don’t thinking about the past and the future, i’m ever in the present
  • less goals, only one in time
  • speaking less, meaning more

i thing it’s a lifelong training but i see it like a adventure. i learn from my mistakes and not moan about it. 

you can see my english is bad but i say you one thing: the life is too short to be only stressed, hunting after money and jobs or new cars or other shit!

try to be happy! one thing, one goal! try to be happy! don’t try to make your chief or kids or the pope or your darling happy. if you are happy all the people close to you be happier too.

you are the most important human in your life!



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