fuck ya! why we do this crappy time waster?

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

in this modern time we are all caught
in to-do-lists, e-mails checking, appointments, breaking news, hustle and bustle and so on. our thoughts are dwelling in worries, distraction, thinking about the future and the past. we all can hardly breath.

fuck ya! why we do this crappy time waster? 

i fared well. but i got sick of it and it was too much for me.

i was thinking about how i can change it. and i go now the the way of simplifying my life and all what i do. too much stuff makes too much worries. i hate worries. and i took action. i have kicked my own beautyful ass and have cut all the unnecessary clutter out of my life.

i stray from the subject.

i have change my life so that i only live in the present. yes, living in now, not in the past or in the future. all my attention is in what i do right now. i don’t think about whathave i to do next. i choose only one thing and clear away all the other distraction. do write on your blog turn out the tv or the radio. let all thoughts about anything other than the doing also fade away.  they’ll come up, but gently make note of them, and then let them go. and return to the doing. enjoy what you are doing right now. become this doing. this is all that matters.


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