dear diary, i’m dad. what else?

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

today is the last working day for this week. i’m so happy about it. but i have one problem. since be birth of phillip 7 weeks ago i mean my girlfriend is a another human. first i thought it’s the hormone after the birth but it’s really so?

she has changed. she has now time for me for cuddling and talks. she is mother and housewife with love but has forgotten me. fuck, i’m jealous. i know it’s selfish. but it hurts. men are little children do you think. that’s right. i’m a very little child. 

we men are fighting at wars and take a walk on the moon and found amerika but we can’t understand the woman. 

are we stupid or brainless?

now it is 5 am and my son wants his breakfast. now i’m a dad, with love.


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