dear diary, german for beginners, käsekuchen.

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

today i want you to teach a german word.

why? well, i think german is a wonderful simple language, for us german.

yes, and i want you to participate in this wonderful language.

todays word is: käsekuchen.

well. käsekuchen is my favorite cake. i think my mother has not fed me with breast but she has smoked. so she gave me käsekuchen. the english word is cheesecake!

The earliest author who mentions cheesecake is Aegimus, who wrote a book on the art of making cheesecakes (πλακουντοπουκόν σύγγραμμα).[2] Cato the Elder‘s De Agri Cultura includes recipes for two pies for religious uses:libum and placenta.[3] Of the two, placenta is most like modern cheesecakes, having a crust that is separately prepared and baked.[4] In 1872, William Lawrence from Chester, NY, along with other dairymen, came up with a way of making an “unripened cheese” that is heavier and creamier by accident, actually looking for a way to recreate the soft, French cheese, Neufchatel.[5] Lawrence distributed the cheese in foil, becoming a brand that is familiarly recognized as “Philadelphia”. Later on in 1912, James Kraft invented a form of this cream cheese, but pasteurized it; this is now the most commonly used cheese for cheesecake.[6]

here is a link with information in english for a cheesecake.

German-style cheesecake (KäsekuchenQuarkkuchen,MatzkuchenTopfenkuchen in Austria) uses quark cheese. TheKäsesahnetorte (cheese cream tart) adds cream and is not baked. Germany is famous for its unique cheesecake recipes that add a bit of sweet and sour taste, said to “melt in your mouth”.

do you want to learn german words? then feel you free to ask me and i will teach you this wonderful amazing inspiring fuck language.


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