dear diary, i love mondays!

Posted: October 11, 2010 in diary, life

yes, i love mondays particulary on tuesdays.

i don’t know if it a good night was. i slept soundly. now i try to open my eyes with a coffee shower because i have to work today from 8 am till 5 pm.

a couple of months ago i have unwillingly gone to my work but now i enjoy my work as dishwasher because i enjoy all things in my life.

how can i enjoy all my doings in my life? well,  earlier i have to much thought about the past and the future, all the worries that happened or could happen. now i live in the present. yes, right now in this. 

what happened is happened. point! i learn from this things for my present time. the future? i have goals for the future, ok, but i can not see what will coming in my future. so why worry? there is anyway others than we think. and a important changing point in my thinking is that i don’t believe that things they happen are bad or good. they only happen. only how we think makes all good or bad.

the nature does only that must be. not more and not less.

i go now to my work with a smile.



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