sport and depression

Posted: October 19, 2010 in fitness

(please apologize my bad english)

for many years , with interruptions, i do sport. it began during my time as soldier in a swat. 

my focus was always on jogging. at three times a day i trained.

seit vielen jahren, mit unterbrechungen, mache ich nun sport. es hat so richtig begonnen im jahre 87, als ich einer der jüngsten unteroffiziere der bundeswehr wurde bei einer speziellen einheit.

i was addicted to running. my second sport was triathlon, but i’m not good in swimming.

today i train again for my next marathon. not only for this race but to treat my personality disorder.

sport is a wonderful treatment against depression. the released endorphins causes wonder.

it’s not important what kind of sport you do but important is you just do anything.

since i do sport again and changed my nutrition habits i feel better. my depression isn’t come back since a lot of weeks.

i don’t run for my life, i run to come back in my life.


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