survive and kill all your enemies!

Posted: October 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

if you want to survive as a man with borderline illness like me there are many weapons to fight against this enemy. i can you tell only my experiences and i have do a lot. but now i’m still happy with my life.

my weapons are:

the important thing is to acknowledge that you are ill. many people are ashamed of they depression but you have to understand thats no shame to be depression. on this way i have learned that it uninteresting what other people think about me. it’s my life which i want to live on a better way. i’m the important man in my life.

other weapons are:

to smile every time about every thing. i make no worries more about the future and i don’t grieve about the past. i live now. 

  • to unclutter your stuff and thoughts
  • to ban all the bad company
  • to think “the best cure for unhappieness is happieness”
  • to ban wasting times
  • to do my passions
  • to be honestly, to myself and others
  • to be good to other people
  • to speak more with less words and this quietly and gentle
  • to not comparing with others
  • to raise early in the morning to enjoy thinks like the wind, the nature ore music and so on.
  • to believe there are no bad or good things in the world, only things they happen
  • to improve my self-esteem
  • to learn about me, the world and the people on this planet




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