dear diary, which day is today?

Posted: October 28, 2010 in diary

good morning my little weblog, you are currently my only interlocutor. i’m only at work or in my bed. all my bones hurts and my finger are sore. it’s a hard style project which i do. 

all staff don’t speak with me, i’m only a stupid dishwasher. so i do the working time without speaking. whatever. i want to become a millionaire. the american dream. but the problem is, i’m living in germany. whether will this work here?

and otherwise? i feel mental better like yesterday. my setback is overcome. i’m a little bit in dark mood but i thing the reason is my bad body feeling through the to much working. i feel me little like a machine or still as a roboter. 2 days and my weekend will come.

see you, partner.



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